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The Color of Sound

with Rowena Balos

PDF of the book and two downloadable CDs 

The book offers my students inspiration, philosophy, exercises, techniques and images to supplement and remind them of their work with me. The CDs offer 4 half-hour "tune-ups" for the actor to practice or prepare for rehearsal and performance.

Book and CDs are included in my Introductory Voice Workshops

$40 when purchased separately


with Rowena Balos

PDF of the Book and Downloadable Practice CD for Australian Actors

A logical technique to develop a connected Standard American Accent

Book and CD are included in my Standard American Accent Workshops

$35 when purchased separately

Book also available for New Zealand Actors

The exercises require the involvement of the total person--mentally, physically, emotionally, vocally and verbally. When working on an accent, often the connection is broken and the focus is shifted to the sound and not the content; to how you are saying something not what you are saying. It is important to stay connected. Here lies the central focus of my work on accents.

A Journey through the Magic of Language

by Rowena Balos and Lyn Kidd

Voice and Speech Book for Children (4 + years)

PDF of the book: $25

This book gives a step-by step journey into the world of sounds and communication, exploring the beauty, clarity, pleasure, simplicity and ease of the voice and how it forms sounds. It inspires an interest in language and uses fun and imaginative activities, stories, rhymes, tongue twisters, and breathing and physical exercises to build confident self-expression and improve diction.

Though designed for children, it is a fun tool for anyone wanting to communicate more freely. The new habits of communication that are developed will serve and support all speakers throughout their lives.

For teachers, this book goes a long way towards fulfilling many requirements of the school syllabus, including:

  • Language development 
  • Large motor development
  • Memory development 
  • Self-expression
  • Social Skills 
  • Self-esteem
  • Literacy development 
  • Critical thinking skills

For parents, it is a wonderful way to have time with children to provide the groundwork for confident communication skills, including:

Clear, easy self-expression
Stress release

Calm, focused attention

Physical agility and flexibility