Rowena Balos

World renowned Master Teacher and author of Voice and Speech
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The focus of my work is to guide you, the actor, the communicator, toward getting in touch with your entire being, so that it is available to respond and commit to being in the middle of each moment of your personal and creative life on stage or in front of the camera.

In order for your voice to fully reveal what you are thinking and feeling you must first find it, connect with it and then learn to release it without losing any of the subtlety or nuance.

Specifically my work involves exploring body alignment, freeing the breath, finding the stimulus for sound, developing range, expanding resonance, waking up articulation and finally connecting thought and feeling to the voice through work on text. I zero in on five different areas of commitment on the journey to self knowledge: Mental, physical, emotional, vocal and verbal.

First, you must use your mind, your imagination and be clear about what you are doing, having done your acting homework.

Second, the body must be free of tension yet toned and flexible.

Third, the breath must be free to respond emotionally to your thoughts and feelings.

Fourth, the voice must be free of habitual restrictions yet strengthened, toned and expanded to its full tonal range and resonance.

Fifth, the articulators, the lips, tongue and soft palate must be strengthened and made flexible to balance the commitment of all the other areas.  

Much of my work is based on the power of thought (imagination) as opposed to the power of muscles (push). Sound is about the content and what it reveals. Sound should be inevitable: when we speak it is because we can't 'not speak'. Therefore I concentrate on the connection of your thoughts and feelings to the breath in your center and finding that the need to communicate is the power to release them on sound, effortlessly. What you are thinking and feeling should be what creates the variety and music of your voice: "THE COLOR OF SOUND". 

I strive to make it a joyful, fascinating journey of discovery.