Rowena Balos

World renowned Master Teacher and author of Voice and Speech
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Rowena Balos is a world-renowned master teacher, specializing in the Voice, Verbal Commitment (Speech), Shakespeare, Accent Reduction, the Standard American Accent and Acting Warm-up and Connection Techniques.

She is based in Los Angeles and travels all over the world for lectures and workshops. Australia is a second home and she teaches there for several months each year. (See Schedule for specific dates).

Her philosophy centers on the Voice/Acting Connection; she has extensive training and experience, see Resume; her book and CDs are now available as downloads (shop Publications)

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"How wonderful is the human voice! 
It is indeed the organ of the soul..." 
—Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


"I have been teaching the spoken voice and speech since 1967 and I have published several books on voice and speech. I work with anyone who is interested in gaining confidence, releasing tension and improving their ability to communicate. My students have included actors, children, politicians, lawyers and sales people. My work with the voice is designed to give people a foundation and technique to awaken, free and strengthen their entire being so that they can first make contact with self and second allow for its expression on sound."
—Rowena Balos